Friday, 17 February 2012

Back to Business

I've been using the fact that my laptop went on the fritz as an excuse not to be working as hard on my business as I need to. Mind you, I did nag at potential clients until they got back to me, so it wasn't like I completely slacked off, however, there's so much work to be done still to get the business growing.

I finally got my new laptop (woohoo!) a beautiful Macbook Pro. I love the way it, like all Macs, starts up quickly. Maybe this is why most offices haven't switched to Macs, they want to give their employees an excuse to get their coffees and chit chat for a bit while their PCs turn on. But I digress. What I hadn't realized though, is that I don't have MS Office suite on my new laptop, which means I can read all my files that I saved to the USB key, but I can't make any changes to them. So, despite my best intentions to start working on my business again, I won't be able to do much until I get the proper software. On the bright side though, having a full-time job means I can pay for my much needed software.


  1. Monica,
    I think there is a MS Office for Mac. When I purchased my laptop it was the first thing I inquired about. I'm not sure if they were just bluffing because they wanted me to buy the mac though. LOL! I looked in apps and I did see ms word for sale individually but didn't see all the office programs.

  2. Thanks Michelle. I'm sure the whole office suite is available cuz hubby has most of the programs on his Mac, I just hate to have to cough up the money to buy it tho.

  3. I thing I do like about my "Mac"- it was very easy to set up- love this! Best of luck with your new "toy"! Sometimes I miss my full time job (outside the home), especially those minutes when the computer were booting, and could chat with co-workers.

    1. That's what everyone says about Macs, I think I'm going to need a Mac for dummies book. I'm sure I'll love it once I get out of PC mode.

      There are pros & cons to having that outside job, but to be able to make what you enjoy doing into a full-time job at home, that's what I'm aspiring to.