Sunday, 24 November 2013

If It's Tuesday, it must be…Beijing?

You'll have to pardon the absence of blog posting and reading all your wonderful blog posts, but we've been away.

Three weeks in China and Hong Kong with the family, what a whirlwind trip that was. It was fun, interesting, informative and exhausting. During that trip, I tried to follow Silvia of Soapjam's lead of looking for food stuffs to put into/onto my soaps. Unfortunately, I wasn't very successful. I kept getting distracted by things like this,


and of course this.

The only thing I managed to pick up soaping related, and it's only because I'm making it so, are some red packets. These days, red packets aren't necessarily just red anymore which makes them, as far as I'm concerned, more versatile. I think they make a very elegant sort of packaging for individual soaps.

I like this one for my dragon soaps

This is my surname, so people will know who made the soap. 

I know you all think outside the box, so what works for you when it comes to packaging your soaps?

Have a great rest of the week!