Sunday, 7 February 2016


My sister taught me to knit quite a while ago. She taught me to knit socks, not something most people would start with, but a useful and useable project to learn.

In my last visit, she gave me some yarns and suggested I make some scrubbies.  What a great way to use up last bits of yarn! It's a great project to work on while watching tv, and eventually I hope to try and make some nice dishcloths as well. They'd make great wrapping for soaps and can be used as dishcloths or re-used as gift wrap. These scrubbies are filled with the mesh bags that many fruits come in, so not only are these scrubbies good for cleaning (I have one in my kitchen that works great!), they are a great example of being green (IMO, of course!)

Have a great week!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Spirals and curls

In my last post, I had used pottery tools to dig out ridges in the loaf of soap. Those pieces of soap came out in fun spirals which made for pretty embeds.

I used the sugar hearts again, just because they're so cute.

You could say I'm getting ready for Valentine's, but I'm such a non-romantic, that's hardly what inspired these soaps.

Have a great week!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Trying things, new and old

As always, when I visit my sister, I come back with a fuller suitcase than I left with, even though I have the best intentions of having it the reverse. What does this have to do with today's post you wonder? Well, her gifts to me are partly what inspired this soap.

Fortunately, I didn't use the large loaf mould she gave me since the soaps didn't turn out quite as I was hoping, but it did allow me to play with some of my new acquisitions and try some new ideas.

I should've taken pictures of the steps because now that the soap is complete, it's hard to see the details, and at the time, it looked rather cool.

The middle layer, looks like I forgot something inside. In fact, it's sugar hearts, from King Arthur Flour, one of the things from my sister's pantry.

Don't they look yummy?

I was going to make grooves in the bottom layer using this pottery tool,

but it didn't work out that way. This tool, at least the flat side, is great for smoothing off the tops though. Still have to see what the other side can do.

This other pottery tool though, 

did a fabulous job in channeling out the soap. If only I had a steadier hand, it would've been great. The other bonus? It provided me with strips of soap to use in another project. 

So, how did it turn out? Like this.

It's hard to make out the little hearts, but I think they'll come through when the soap is being used. Scented with strawberry smoothie FO (yes, I'm that original, not!) it is not the best soap I've made, but at least it was a springboard for new ideas and something to improve upon.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Happy 2016!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, well rested and ready to soap again.

I spent the break visiting my sister, in other words, it meant I got to sit around, watch birds, eat lots and chat.

My sister and part of her family at IU Student Union Building.

It's so nice for me when I go visit, because I get fed fabulous meals, like this

Bratwurst, home grown salad, and corn and sundried tomato salad. Greens and sundried tomatoes are from their garden
and this

Stollen, with homemade candied peel and almond paste.
Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the fried chicken or five spice duck because I was too busy scarfing them down like it was my last meal.

The birds are always so pretty and relaxing to watch

This visit, we also spent lots of time making jewellery.

As always, my sister sends me home with more goodies than I go there with.
Various FOs and micas, loaf pan, sprinkles and cinnamon to add into the soaps, a book on wholesaling and pottery tools to make different shapes in the soaps.

Wishing you all good health and a prosperous new year!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Get your geek on!

My hubby bought me some new moulds for the holiday season, or maybe he thought I needed to do something different this year, I'm not sure.

With the anticipation of the new Star Wars movie coming, he bought me some Star Wars moulds. I had warned him that many of my fellow soapers had bought moulds from China and didn't realize that the moulds were measured in metric rather than imperial measurements and were quite shocked when they came in. So, he bought Japanese made moulds which gave measurements in inches and came with great reviews.

We were a little surprised when they showed up, even thought we knew what size they were supposed to be. Here's how they turned out for me.

Storm Trooper.
I made these both white and grey. I tried to fill in the details for the eyes and mouth, but they were too shallow.
This next one was rather cool.

Millenium Falcon

I tried to add detail by making some parts darker grey, but with little success.

There's something about 3-D moulds that are challenging, but when they're done, they really feel worthwhile.

Death Star

And finally, my coup de grâce:

One large R2D2. 
This guy weighs in at almost 2 lbs (small for a baby; very, very large for a soap!).

Package said it was an ice cube mould. I'd like to see the glass that could fit this ice cube.

Like a baby, he was a pain in the ass, but well worth the effort. Oh sorry, did I use my outside voice again?

I poured the body and used a jar lid to try and keep most of the soap out of the head area so I could try and make the head more metallic looking. Of course, it leaked into the body area, which meant a fair bit of clean up had to take place. The darker areas are actually coloured with antique blue mica, not that you can really tell in my photos. (this is why I'm not quitting my day job to be a photographer).

Have you bought your tickets to go see the new Star Wars movie? More importantly, are you going to be going in costume to go see the movie?

Monday, 7 December 2015

Craft fair 2015

There's a proliferation of Christmas fairs it seems, but I only signed up for two. The first one, Love It, Craft It, was put on by artisans Lisa Tran of Blushface Paper Goods and Josephine Gunawan of Oh So Josephine. They kept it small and intimate and was only opened to crafters.

The second one was the Christmas Market at Gray Elementary School. There was a mix of crafters and sales, and lots of kids getting excited about the upcoming season.

Thank you as always to my friend for helping me out. I couldn't do it without her.

It wasn't that dark in the gym, rather I have really bright lights.

Are you ready for the season yet?

Monday, 30 November 2015

Manly yes

I'm thinking themes are good, it helps to identify and allows people to focus on what they're looking for. This is my latest masculine soap. 

Made with a glycerin soap coloured with cappuccino mica and scented with Beau Brummel scent, it includes a clear middle with embeds. Cut into a hefty bar for bigger hands, this is a wonderfully scented, invigorating soap.