Monday, 28 July 2014

A continuation of contrasts

I liked the idea of contrast so much I decided to do some more and this time try and get a brighter background.
I know, dragonflies are much brighter than this, but I really wanted a contrast.

And my sister-in-law asked me to make her some wine guest soaps for her shop.

Scented with BB's Bordeaux Blend

Short and sweet for a change. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Tribute Soaps

You know how there are tribute bands? They sing the songs of the great bands of old and even dress like them. Well these are my tribute soaps to movies, but since I'm not using the same genre, I'm taking very large artistic license.

We recently watched Dark Shadows on Netflix and I was drawn to the contrast of Barnabas' (Johnny Depp) very stark colouring versus the very bright colours of some of the other characters. This inspired the following soaps.

I like to think of this as Barnabas with Angelique.

I'd made the water/sky too dark so you couldn't see the "sand" beneath.
My "Jaws" tribute. ;)

Jaws sneaking up on the unsuspecting shell.

Monday, 14 July 2014

She Sells Seashells

With the beautiful weather and the proximity to the beach, I've decided to stay with the beach theme. I've had this mould for a while now, but this is the first time I'm trying it out.

I should've (coulda, woulda) re-watched the Soapqueen tv episode where she makes the clam shell soap but I thought I could do it from memory (hah!) Why I keep deluding myself into thinking I can remember things is beyond me. I like to think this is what Mother Nature would've created if she was smoking some of her other creations. ;)

At least the background for the soaps is beautiful.

Scented with Green Garden from WSP.

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things is not the same.

I think I'll call this one Ariel's bra. (Yes, I've had some wine, why do you ask?)

Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Soaps

I love the warm weather we've been having. To me, summer is all about lots of fruits and veggies being in season locally, rather than being imported from Florida or California. I've been eating as many thimbleberries as I can find and also buying as much local fruit as I can.

One of the fruits that always makes me think summer is watermelon. I remember eating it as a child, although it was never one of my favourites because I am lazy and hated having to pick through the seeds. I was so happy when they came up with seedless watermelons.

I do however, really love watermelon FO and have been wanting to try my hand at watermelon soap for a while. I've seen many versions of it and they're all lovely. I wish I had the proper mould to make a watermelon wedge, but I settled for making it in a rounded mould.

I tried making it with low sweat, forgetting that embeds don't work nearly as well in it.

But from the side, I like it more than the clearer one because I actually made the rind thick enough.

What's your favourite summertime fruit or vegetable?


Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Day at the Beach (or how I take my soap on a field trip)

It's officially summer! Fortunately it doesn't get too hot here, but even more fortunate is that I've been in the office by myself so even if I am a little sweaty after my walks at lunch, there's no one there to smell me. :D

Last week, a dear friend came for a visit and gave me a present, a very a propos for this time of year: sand dollar mould! I know Cee made some sand dollar soaps a while back (I wasn't copying, honest!) and I hope mine turned out half as nice as hers.

I used some left over light blue clear soap with glitter for the star, and for the rest of it, I used a white based soap and put in a bit of brown to colour it lightly. For the scent, I had been making some soap with litsea EO and so rather than washing out the bowl I'd been using, I just melted the white base in the same bowl and added some Energy FO as well. I think it smells divine!

As always, I took photos of the finished soap in the photo box, but for a change of pace, and because I am close enough right now to the beach, I thought it'd be a nice change of pace to do some outdoor shots.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

No soap this week. I think I've hit my inspiration wall and I've been busy with other things. So, for a change of scenery (literally) here's some pictures of where I can walk to during lunch time at my current work assignment.

While it's not white sandy beaches, it is still a beach but not the populated part either.

Hope you have a great week and if you can find the soap inspiration fairy, can you tell her to stop by my place? Please and thank you.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Out of my comfort zone

This will make Teresa laugh as she knows I normally cringe at many colour combinations. I had more soaps to re-use and wasn't sure what to do with them. I think Roxana was the one who first got me looking at colour palettes, so I went on-line for inspiration. I tried one at first that looked really nice on the website, but when I put it altogether, it looked like I was playing find the piece of parchment in the Sahara. Not quite the contrast i wanted.

Then one morning on the news, the anchorwoman was wearing a 3 coloured top and a skirt in yet a different shade. I personally would never have thought of the colour combination on my own (hence why I'm not in fashion or mixing paint colours) but it really was quite pretty. I decided to try and put that into my soap.

I started with this Victorian teardrop from Brambleberry, scented it with Peach Ginger from WSP

then I put in a base colour which was supposed to be orange (as per the outfit) but turned out a bit more brown. Which is okay too since brown is a neutral and goes with pretty much everything (if you believe Stacy and Clinton). I forgot to scent the base, so after I poured it into the oval moulds, I quickly put a few drops of Baby Rose in and swirled it up before the soap could set.

The final result? Feminine, but not over done. 

Do you have a go to colour scheme you like to use? What do you use for inspiration? Have a great week!