Monday, 27 April 2015

Inspiration…gone awry

Over spring break, I was looking on Pinterest and the entire Soap Queen video tutorial for MP projects for some inspiration. I came across Anne-Marie's licorice candy soap and I thought it looked so cool! Well my little guest soap isn't quite as big, so the effect wasn't quite the same but since I don't have the star anise EO and I already used a different scent with my rose loaf, it's probably good that it doesn't look exactly like licorice candy.

Have a great week! 

Monday, 20 April 2015

The Rose Loaf (Part II)

In case you're wondering, there is no part III to this, so hopefully this second instalment doesn't stink like some second movies in a trilogy. Actually it won't because it smells deliciously of strawberries!

Although the loaf looked very pretty as a whole, I decided to cut it to see how it'd look in slices. It looked, well, small for one. This is a guest loaf and I should've divided it into 5 pieces instead of 8, would've made each slice less insignificant and more of an actual bar.

The other thing slicing it reminded me, is that I need to scratch the surface every time I pour in another layer. I had to re-glue some pieces because they came apart when cutting. I also need to invest in a proper cutter if I'm going to continue making loaves because as you can see from the photos, between just cutting with an average knife and a lazy soaper, the edges are rough and the slices are uneven. I wasn't even drinking any wine when I cut those slices!

This is my "movie photo." Like in ads for tv shows, where they have the main character in the front and all the supporting cast in behind.

This is what I get for being lazy and not cleaning up the slices. 

Have a great week!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Everything is coming up roses

Well it was when it was the entire loaf.

I have so much red based soap to use up but wanted to make something delicate but distinct. In other words, be a glutton for punishment. I really liked how it turned out though, and because I was lazy and couldn't be bother to find my baby rose FO, I reached under my work counter and grabbed the strawberry scent instead. No, it doesn't make sense, but that's never been one of my strong points. ;)

I've switched to using a DSLR instead of my little point and shoot, I think it makes a world of difference/

At this point, the top layer is so shiny, they look like the rose buds look like they're on ice.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Happy accident

As you know, I'm trying to use up leftover bits and bobs of soap. I thought I had cleaned up my work space, but what I had done was tossed my cutting board of all the leftover shaved bits of soap on top of a cabinet. The joys of being old and forgetful. :P Since these bits weren't going to clean themselves up, I had to do something with them.

In the meanwhile, a friend had asked for some more soap, so I made him his 3 bars of soap, but had some leftover. It smells so good, scented with Litsea EO, I didn't want to just use it on anything. I thought I could pour one more small bar of soap, but there was only enough to cover just about half of the mould. Then I spied the scraps and threw them on top of the poured soap. Layering, it's something I need to practice anyway. I covered the scraps with clear and then took even more leftover soap, coloured it with some leftover bubblegum pink colouring and tossed it all on top.

I'm wanting to call it Anatomy Lesson because it kind of looks like guts and whatnot and the pink is almost flesh coloured, but that's probably not a good selling point is it? 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Taking a page from Hollywood

No, I haven't been rubbing shoulders with A-listers, but I have been paying attention to what big box office movies are doing. Have you noticed, they stretch things out for as long as they can. The Hobbit, it was one book, and yet Peter Jackson stretched it out to 3 movies. Twilight, what was it, 3 books that went to 4 movies? Same with The Hunger Games. So, I'm going to do a soap variation of that.

Last week, I had the cameos made, but they seemed kind of small to me, so I decided to make them into a part of a bigger soap, something more substantial. I started with the oval, because well, the cameo's oval.
Used BB's brilliant blue and Fresh Snow FO

Hard to see the detail of the cameo in this shot, but you get the idea.

Then I thought how would it look in a different shape, you know, contrast the oval

Scented with CC's Strawberry Smoothie.

The cameo didn't want to sit properly in this one, hence why there's the pale outline. Background is a beautiful antique blue mica

So, which shape do you think works best? And what do you think of my stretching out one soap into two posts? ;) If only I'd learned how to do this when I used to write papers in university, I might've been able to meet the word quota.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Pop art soap

I call this my "Camy Warhol collection." Get it? Yes, I'm the queen of bad puns, or at least the court jester of that realm.

More using up some bits of scrap soaps and repurposing old chocolate moulds.

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Night sky

I keep looking at the galaxy soap by Otion, and I just love it! I don't do CP soaps, and I'm not sure if MP shreds would hold together the same way, so I improvised. I took a bunch of bits and pieces of soap and melted them together, not really caring what the colour would turn out to be as it would be some alien planet anyway. I poured it into a 3-D ice cube mould (well half of it anyway, since it didn't matter that I only had half a circle).  To make some distant stars, I dropped bits of leftover soap in behind the planet. The black background was created with black mica to give it a more sparkly look.

The "planet" is more greenish in real life. Still working on lighting.

This photo shows the half sphere better, but makes the "sky" look more blue than the original black

Maybe I should've called this post "how to use up leftovers" instead.

Have a great week everyone!