Monday, 27 June 2016

A gift

One of our teachers is retiring at the end of this year. I'm happy for her because she will have time to go relax and enjoy life, but it will be sad for all the up and coming students who will not get to learn music under her tutelage. From what I've seen, she's a great teacher and the stuff she teaches the primary kids are so much fun, while the intermediate students learn to read music and play instruments.

As a farewell to her, I've made a music themed soap. I would love to have had a musical note or something, but the closest eraser I had to that was a guitar. The colours are our school colours, and I scented it with sun ripened cherries by WSP because, well it's just about cherry season.

Have a great week!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Mmm, donuts!

I've always made my donuts (soap donuts that is) in the same manner:  pour a thin layer of clear on the bottom, sprinkle some jojoba seeds, then pour in the rest of the bakery brown soap. Pour the other half of the donut, let both sides solidify, then curse when they won't stick together properly.

After seeing how some others make their donuts I tried to emulate it. I still cursed the two sides for not sticking properly, but by glazing the top and letting it run down the side, I think it helps to hold it together a bit better. Plus, I added more colouring this time, which I think makes it look much better. Scented with WSP's Grandma's Griddle FO, it smells like a real donut. Also, this time I used real sprinkles and I think that adds to the real-ness of the donut.

Hope you have a lovely, donut filled week!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Another experiment using the wrong bases

But this time, I'm quite happy with the results. Those soapers who've been using suspension bases create the most beautiful designs, and while this isn't the same, it's not bad.

I used my usual guest (or in my case, experiment) sized loaf mould, and even though I thought I had divided the amount of soap correctly, I forgot to factor in the fact that not all the soap comes out of the container...ever. So these turned out smaller than I was expecting, but they still look cool. And you remember the flowers from a couple of weeks ago, right?

I took the advice of some other MP soapers and used leftover coroplast as my dividers. Next time, I'll have to remember to wrap them in plastic wrap, otherwise soap seeps into the crevices. The soap set up a little quicker than I wanted, partly because I'm still learning how to use Stephenson's bases properly, partly because when you heat the soap too many times, it tends to harden a little quicker each time. So I didn't get to make the swirls as nice as I wanted, but I think it still came out pretty cool looking.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, 6 June 2016


We'll now take a break from our regularly scheduled program to bring you some packaging ideas.

Last week, I was admiring the packaging of soaps done by the very sweet and talented Madame Propre. She had her beautiful soaps wrapped in cellophane with ribbon, all done so nice and neat, they looked perfect. I told her how much I liked them and she suggested ali express.

Then I remembered, hey, my sister gave me a bunch of swatches to make into bags, why don't I use up those first? So here are some of the bags I've made so far.

I'm still working on the best way to close the bags. The straight ribbon tie is fine, but I'm not great at tying bows, as you can tell. The side ribbon, I'm not sure if it's going to work or not, and it really should be pulled into the middle, not the side. The one that doesn't look like it is closed has snaps on it, and the last one, would use up my random collection of buttons, but is a bit more time consuming. Any ideas?

How do you like to wrap things up, so to speak? Have a great week!

Monday, 30 May 2016

I can see clearly now...

No wait, I can't. Why? Because I'm still not using a clear base. I thought the honey base would provide a nice glow, giving the soap a sunshine-y feel to it, but it's given it more of a "I haven't cleaned my sunglasses so things are kinda blurry" feel to it instead. But it smells nice at least, scented with black raspberry vanilla.
This was supposed to be a beach-y scene, but it's hard to see the sand and sky.

Also, you can't really see the hard work (hah!) put into making the embeds different colours

Almost looks better from the back

You can see more details from the side, but who looks at soaps from the side?

Take my picture at 3/4 angle, that's my best side.

See, so much prettier at an angle.

Hope you're having a sunshine-y week!

Monday, 23 May 2016

It's Victoria Day

and what's more Victorian than swans? That and I had this guy sitting around doing nothing.

I needed a big enough mould to fit both embeds in and this seems to be the only one that does the trick. Hence why so many of the soaps I make have the scalloped edge. At least I'm putting it to good use.

The flower is actually a bit behind the swan, so the swan's not actually butting at it with its head.

To everyone who lives in the "colonies", hope you have a lovely Victoria Day. To the rest of the world, have a great week!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Unchain my heart

Love that song, especially Joe Cocker's version.

There have been so many MP soapers making gorgeous swirl soaps, but you need suspension based bases to do it properly. I haven't purchased more bases of late, so I did it the old fashioned way of pouring two colours simultaneously into the mould. The first one is a nicer contrast, but the second one is probably more calming.

Have a lovely week!