Monday, 28 November 2016

Charity Craft Fair

It's the most craft fair time of the year. There are craft fairs everywhere, some lasting a day, some the entire weekend. This last one I did was a one day one. I'm finding I like these more and more; yes I have to do everything in terms of set up and take down in one day, but it also leaves me one day on a weekend to do everything else.
This latest one was the Charity Craft Fair held in the beautiful Woodwards building. 

The window in the building showing the riots of 1972 when the Rolling Stones came to town.
The organizers had said to dress warm since there were 3 entrances to the atrium where the fair was being held. Holy chilliness Batman! There is no cold like a damp cold which gets into your bones and refuses to leave. But they had a beautiful tree set up which made it seem less chilly.

I had made some extra soaps because their Facebook page said there would be lots of people attending. 

There was also a lot of traffic going by because of the stores that surrounded us. Funnily enough, the soaps I thought would sell, all the Christmas soaps, didn't. On the bright side, that means I don't have to make any more for the next show.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Have you started your Christmas shopping?


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