Sunday, 28 February 2016

The devil is in the details

or in this case, it's in the lack of details. Mine, not the mould.

Gosh darn it's hard to fill in fine details when the lighting in your craft room is bad. I knew this before, but this time, the end result really shows what lack of lighting can do (or not do) when you're working with finicky details.

This mould has some beautiful detailing, as you can see, but I didn't clean them up as well as I should've. The result is that the patterning looks asymmetrical and not as perfect as could be. Also, in hindsight, I should've put the blue layer between the orange and yellow to allow them both to shine through.

At least it smells good, scented with Raspberry Kisses.

I then tried accenting other areas of the soap, but again, not as pleased with the end result as I wanted to be. I think I'll put this mould away for a little bit and come back to it another time. Perhaps by leaving it in my unconscious, I can pick out a colour palate I like.

Have a great week!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

It's da bomb!

Soap bomb, that is.

I love making stuff for the bath, even though I rarely use the stuff. I think I'd be more inclined to have long luxurious soaks if I had a nice, clawfoot tub. Instead, I have a very utilitarian tub with a very straight back, which doesn't lend itself to spending a lot of time in it.

That said, I still do very much enjoy making bath salts and bath fizzies for others. I haven't made much in terms of bath bombs because I didn't have the usual round mould for them, that is until this past Christmas when my sister gave me her set, along with the ingredients for the bath bombs.

I followed the instructions for making the bath bombs, which is sort of like this one, but rather than using LaBomb colourant, I figured it was a good way to clean up the mica that spilled. I think the bath bombs turned out very pretty.

Scented with ginger peach FO

And in case you're wondering "where did Monica get that adorable dish soap?", it was made during ceramics class once upon a time by my nephew. :)

Have a great week!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Packaging idea

Getting into a knitting for soaps kick, I thought about how to make more things that combined the two mediums.

My sister gave me a knitting kit once upon a time, and I thought these booties looked adorable.

It was a relatively easy pattern to follow, but of course, even the simplest instructions, be it to make a knitting project, or to make a soap, still takes finesse to make it look good.

I used some bits of yarns to cobble together one big piece, but by the time I finished, I couldn't be bothered to make the pom poms. I'm sure they'd totally take the bootie to the next level, so maybe I'll make it eventually.

Not quite the same as the picture, but close enough for government work, as my sister likes to say.

With a soap in it. Looks almost like an old Chinese slipper, doesn't it?

How do you present your soaps? Oh, and happy Valentine's Day, if you're so inclined. :)

Sunday, 7 February 2016


My sister taught me to knit quite a while ago. She taught me to knit socks, not something most people would start with, but a useful and useable project to learn.

In my last visit, she gave me some yarns and suggested I make some scrubbies.  What a great way to use up last bits of yarn! It's a great project to work on while watching tv, and eventually I hope to try and make some nice dishcloths as well. They'd make great wrapping for soaps and can be used as dishcloths or re-used as gift wrap. These scrubbies are filled with the mesh bags that many fruits come in, so not only are these scrubbies good for cleaning (I have one in my kitchen that works great!), they are a great example of being green (IMO, of course!)

Have a great week!