Sunday, 21 February 2016

It's da bomb!

Soap bomb, that is.

I love making stuff for the bath, even though I rarely use the stuff. I think I'd be more inclined to have long luxurious soaks if I had a nice, clawfoot tub. Instead, I have a very utilitarian tub with a very straight back, which doesn't lend itself to spending a lot of time in it.

That said, I still do very much enjoy making bath salts and bath fizzies for others. I haven't made much in terms of bath bombs because I didn't have the usual round mould for them, that is until this past Christmas when my sister gave me her set, along with the ingredients for the bath bombs.

I followed the instructions for making the bath bombs, which is sort of like this one, but rather than using LaBomb colourant, I figured it was a good way to clean up the mica that spilled. I think the bath bombs turned out very pretty.

Scented with ginger peach FO

And in case you're wondering "where did Monica get that adorable dish soap?", it was made during ceramics class once upon a time by my nephew. :)

Have a great week!


  1. I love the claw foot bathtubs. My mom had one in her house (the house was 100 years old). Your bath bomb turned out awesome! I like the swirl of blue in there. What does it smell like? I'm like you, I love making bath products but rarely use them myself.

    1. Claw foot tubs are so cool, your mom was very lucky to have one. I have to say, bath bombs are deceptively easy to make but they look so good! I used ginger peach FO from Crafter's Choice, I really like the smell of it.

      We are just more into the creative process than actually indulging, right?

  2. It looks beautiful! Such a good idea to add those blue streaks. Ginger peach sounds absolutely great! I have bought sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, but I did not make bath bombs yet.... Looking at yours is very tempting!