Sunday, 15 December 2013

So this is Craft-mas

"So this is Craftmas, and what have you done?" (sung to the tune of War is Over)

Me:  Holy time flies Batman, it is that time of year isn't it? Well I did two craft shows and zero Christmas cards.

"Another year over, and a new one's just begun"

Me:  (sobbing quietly into my eggnog for all the unfinished projects).

Apologies to fans of the song, please don't send me hate mail, I promise not to do it again. Actually that's a lie, I'll try not to make bad jokes again.

So, the craft shows. You've all done them, you know the drill, so I'll skip to the good parts.

Okay, this isn't the good parts, it's my booth at MakeIt Vancouver. Oops, forgot to put away the step ladder.

Highlights of the shows:
  • selling some of some soaps I hadn't expected to sell off
  • seeing fellow crafters who I got to know from previous fairs

Best phrases from the shows:
  • "This is my daughter's favourite booth." Not bad for a venue with over 200 vendors
  • "This is fudge, not soap." A sign seen at the fudge booth.
Half a booth picture. By this time I got too lazy to put out as much stock.

Cool artists I met at the shows:
Rubina of Whisper Jewels with her oh so cool creations. Plus I finally remembered to take a picture of my neighbour.

And friends from before:
And my favourite crafter (because she's a fabulous person and she has me make her special soaps)
Hope you all had great success at your shows, and that you're finding time to be with friends and family this holiday season.