Friday, 30 March 2012

A pleasant surprise

Imagine my amazement at opening my email the other day and finding a notice from Paypal that I received another order for my soaps. And not from someone I know already, that was the real shocker. I'm wondering if this person is a friend of Michelle's because she also ordered a green frog as well the fronds. It's nice to know that some way somehow, my soaps are still reaching people.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Like the White Rabbit

I'm late, I'm very very late. Okay, one day late, but that's what, 5 points off the essay for each day you're late? I have what I feel is a good excuse though - age. I'm sure that's what it is, but this time I can't blame it on senility.

I did something to my right arm, my predominant side. It hurts not in a paper cut way, but in a someone ripped the arm of a Barbie doll and didn't put it back in properly and is using Scotch tape to hold it in place sort of way. I took Tylenol and Robaxacet to try and relieve the pain and it did for a while, but as you know, it doesn't completely eliminate it so I wasn't much in the mood to write anything.

I'm going to go see the doctor today and hopefully she can put the arm back into the socket properly or at least use duct tape to hold it together better. To all those women who give birth without pain killers, I am in complete awe of you.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Baby steps

Well dear readers, as you know I haven't been working as hard on my soaping business as I should. Funny how life and a regular paying job distracts me from working on what should be my priority. However, that being said, I did finally mail off the half dozen soaps to my aunt-in-law (after the husband packaged them up so well they could've made it to Mars without incident), followed up on an outstanding invoice and am a little bit closer to getting an order for a few hundred alphabets. So just like the plants in this house, despite being mostly neglected, my business is slowly moving along.

Friday, 9 March 2012


My sister was kind enough to add me to The Soap Bar Blog on Facebook. Those soapers, besides being fanatical, are amazing. The pictures they post of what they make have me wondering why anyone would buy a regular bar of so-called soap from a regular store. Some sound good enough to eat.

The soaping community, like most artisan communities I guess, are a friendly helpful bunch of people. Eventually I'd like to get to the point of posting a few of my own pictures there as well. In the meanwhile, I'll just be happy to drool at everyone else's marvellous works of art.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


I don't have anything exciting to tell you wonderful people about, so I'll just share a few pictures and thoughts that have absolutely nothing to do with soap.

I had a baking binge last weekend. I had borrowed some cookbooks from the library, and couldn't resist trying out some of the recipes. I don't know why I like baking sweets so much since I'm much more of a savoury gal, but I always end up making sweets, such as these

Hot chocolate chip brownie sundae cake

Banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies


One of the duties in my new position is to register people for courses. To pay for these courses, they can either send a cheque or give their credit card. In this day of paranoia, I'm amazed that people hand over their credit cards so freely. Many people still don't trust e-shopping, but they're willing to give out their information to a total stranger? I guess they feel that since I'm associated with a recognized organization, there's a certain amount of accountability.