Monday, 25 August 2014

Fairy Autumn

I'm still not willing to admit we're heading into the tail end of summer. Nope, not me, I don't care if the fair is on and that signals that September is around the corner. I'm sticking my head in the sand until I can't deny it any further.

I will however, admit that somewhere, in another universe, the leaves are changing colours and falling, and they fall into a gently flowing river that gathers them up into a bouquet to be used to brighten up a dark day.

Scented with black raspberry vanilla

Title:  Leaves in Flower

Back side. Maybe it should be the front.

Oatmeal infused bottom

Anyone else have momentary lapses of sanity where they write sentences straight out of bad romance novels? (Not that I'd know anything about those).

Monday, 11 August 2014

Mixing it up

I was looking at Cee's post on her bubble bath cupcakes, which was a bath bomb on the bottom and bath melt on top. It made me wonder what else you could mix together in terms of soaps.

Having some bath fizzes laying around, I decided to try putting into regular soap. I had to really watch the temperature of the soap since I didn't want it liquid-y enough to start the fizzing process (no idea if it would or not, but I didn't want the neighbours to hear me cursing if it did) so the soap ended up being almost like a jelly when I poured it.

I'm not sure how it will work out; I'm hoping that if used in a bath, the fizzies will fizz and leave the indentation behind in the soap, which would be kinda cool.

The back actually looks better than the front.

What new techniques are you currently working on? Have a great week!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Opposites don't necessarily attract

I'd thought of calling this soap Two Face (aka Harvey Dent for those of you who like Batman) but then I realized, it's more like Four Face, so scratch that idea.

In yet another attempt to contrast and compare, I chose colours that I thought would compliment one another. Or maybe those back to school ads are starting to get to me and I'm choosing school colours. :P


to back

It's not clear from the picture but the purple and ivory are actually at different points. I layered the purple, and poured a thin layer of clear honey base, let it set, and then added the ivory piece and finished it all off with another thin layer of honey base. This soap has a blend of scents, from Bordeaux Blend to champagne, and of course a hint of honey, which should make for an interesting shower.