Monday, 27 June 2016

A gift

One of our teachers is retiring at the end of this year. I'm happy for her because she will have time to go relax and enjoy life, but it will be sad for all the up and coming students who will not get to learn music under her tutelage. From what I've seen, she's a great teacher and the stuff she teaches the primary kids are so much fun, while the intermediate students learn to read music and play instruments.

As a farewell to her, I've made a music themed soap. I would love to have had a musical note or something, but the closest eraser I had to that was a guitar. The colours are our school colours, and I scented it with sun ripened cherries by WSP because, well it's just about cherry season.

Have a great week!


  1. This is such a lovely idea! The soap is very cute. I would never dare using it should und I receive it. It is too precious as such! So generous of you!

    1. Aww, what a nice thing for you to say Madame Propre. As you know as a soaper, all soaps are made to be used, so that we can enjoy the efforts the soaper put into it.

  2. Anything in life should be used really....