Friday, 7 September 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good:  I'm finished making the alphabet soaps. Well as soon as I wrap that one last letter I'm finished, then I have to let my client know they're ready.

The bad:  I got rejected from two craft fairs. Hubby's happy though, that's two less shows he'll have to suffer through this year with me.

The ugly:  My nose. You'd think someone opened up a waterfall park in my nose. I can't walk two steps without a tissue and I can't bend from the waist unless I'm ready to mop up after myself.

The really good:  I heard from another potential client who I met up with last year at one of the fairs I participated in. She's still interested in having me make her soaps for her swag bags. Yipeee!!


  1. Good for you on your alphabet soap. I kept seeing alphabet soup but I know that was wrong... And Great news re: your potential client. Sorry about the others though.

    1. Thanks Grace! Yeah it feels good to complete a project and getting paid is going to be even doubly good. :) Hahaha alphabet soup and animal crackers right? I'll have to put those together next time, thanks for the idea.

      At least my nose eventually stopped running, but you'd think we were past allergy season by now.

  2. I don't know about where you are, but this is the time of year when ragweed comes on with a vengeance and my allergies get horrible again. My nose doesn't flow like a river though; instead, I get post nasal drip which festers into icky throat stuff, and then gets trapped in my lungs so I feel like I can't breathe deeply enough. Heck, it feels like I'm not breathing at all.

    Hope I've grossed you out sufficiently. ;P

    Boo on those 2 craft fairs. How could they not admit you???

    But yay about the potential client! Get on that right away! :)

    1. My allergies are random, much like my thoughts. And erratic, also like my train of thinking. You sure you don't have a mild form of Crohn's Disease or something? You think that's gross? I sneezed and got nose dripping on my pants. That was gross.

      I know, they don't know what they're missing right? On the bright side, I did get an acceptance from one craft market and I think it's a for sure that I'm getting this client. Happy dance!

    2. Picture me holding your hands and doing a happy dance together!!! =)

      I'll look up Crohn's Disease, but the doctors can't figure out what I have. I need to see a ENT specialist.

    3. Only holding one hand, the other one you'll be holding a vodka creamsicle. ;)

      You definitely need to find out what your problems are before they get out of hand. And I'm not talking about relatives either. ;D

    4. Natch on the one hand holding the vodka thing! ;D

      My problems ebb and flow...relatives problems and health problems. LOL!

    5. And I'm happy to join you in the vodka drink.

      If only relatives would ebb more often, right?