Saturday, 30 March 2013

Welcome Spring

It's spring here on the west coast, and it's this time of year that really makes me appreciate living here rather than say the prairies or back east. We're having warmer weather and the first flowers are starting to poke their heads out. That's not to say, mind you, that it's not going to go back to raining for the next 60 days after this, but so far so good.

In honour of spring, I decided to make this spring themed soap. You know why this has three molds? Because that's how many times it took me to get it semi right.

The first one turned out okay to start; I had poured the entire mold in yellow, let it set enough to take it out (actually I lie, the first one I turned it over to see how it looked and ended up with soap all over the floor and table and had to scoop up all the soap and try again), then cut out the eggshell portion, put it back in the mold and poured the egg portion. This is what came out.

It doesn't look so bad in this picture but the blue's bled into the chick. Here it just looks like bad lighting, which it is.

My second chick I thought I'd be smart and pour the blue in first. Duh! Kinda hard to cut out the chick part and keep the eye intact (not to mention it's a bad imagery). That one went straight back into making the third and final one.

Not bad, it still leaked a bit, but overall I think managed to keep the wrong coloured soap from migrating into places it shouldn't.

Either way, they both smell fantastic because I used the pomegranate and black currant FO. Nice bright, fruity scents for a bright season. Happy spring everyone!


  1. Well, the yellows and blues are really vibrant in the second and third ones! I've done that before, dumping out soap by accident because it hadn't dried out enough yet. :P

  2. Is it a good thing or not to be so vibrant? It should really be more pastel-y to be spring liek shouldn't it? I hate it when I dump out soap, it's not the first time I've done it, you'd think I'd learn after the first time too.

  3. Oh my gosh, that's soooo cute Monica!