Monday, 10 November 2014

Getting ready for fairs

For those of you who got a sneak peek of this last week, my apologies. I didn't scheduled properly and I had wanted to make one more cat to show off, but somehow the time just slipped by before I could make anymore. So without further ado…


So I don't have time to think of new soaps to make, but rather, I'm reinventing the ones I already have.

This is a popular one for all those cat lovers out there. In the past, I did the cat in grey, but this year, I thought I'd take advantage of my ADD side and try some different colours. All scented with sandalwood vanilla for a more adult soap.

This one's my favourite, although he almost looks skull-ish. (Is that even a word???)

But I love how his pink ears stick out
The nose doesn't look quite right on this one.

The original

Are you a cat person? I like these ones because they don't shed.

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