Monday, 5 January 2015

Life is not black and white...

but my soap is!

Happy 2015 to all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/winter season/whatever you celebrated and had a great time ringing in the new year. Me, I had a small gathering of 4 people for Christmas (that way I don't freak out at having too many people in the house at one time) and then went to bed by 10:30 on New Year's Eve. Yes, I know how to party.

Of course I had great plans of doing lots of things during the break, but as always, my plans are lofty but my ability to fulfill them fall short (kinda like me! Hah, short jokes!) (Aren't you all glad that I didn't make giving up bad jokes a New Year's resolution, or to give up the overuse of parentheses, or to stop rambling on and on?) So, Friday, January 01, I'm madly trying to clean up (again) my craft room and cutting up a ton of base for when I do finally start a project. I did try and get some ideas formulated in my head and have been working on display ideas but so far, nothing earth shattering has been accomplished.

I did however, come up with a basic colour scheme for my latest idea:  black and white. Nothing is more pure or simple and yet it's still elegant. I used up some leftovers to create this and poured a layer of clear over the entire thing to see if it'll hold together. I'll have to try it out and report back.

I cheated with this one by changing it to B&W to look more like what I had envisioned.

This is more the true colour of the soap. The white isn't true white because I didn't add extra titanium dioxide and I guess goat's milk isn't as white?
The scent is a watermelon/champagne mix.

So, I'd love to hear what you got up to over the holidays.


  1. Happy 2015 year, Monica! I wish you good health and a lot of inspiration ;).
    You started this year with a gorgeous soap! What a precise and detailed work!
    Love its elegance!
    You achieved a pure white, I thoght you added some titanium dioxide!

    1. Happy New Year Nat! I know I'll definitely be inspired by your amazing posts to try and do more this year, that or just be totally overwhelmed and sit around and eat chips all day. ;)

      Thank you, it was so simple and yet, black and white is so pretty.

  2. A Happy New Year to you, Monica! :)

    Your checkered black and white soap looks dashing and I like it just the way it is without TD.

    Christmas and New Year were spent with both my husband's and my families. There was a lot of eating and I was also able to sleep in. :)

    1. Happy New Year Silvia! Thank you, if you like it without any TD, that justifies my laziness for not having to take that extra step. ;)

      Your Christmas and New Year sounds fabulous! Hope you're all recharged and excited to go back to work. ;)

  3. Those look great! And you can sell them at car racing places. ;)

    I don't remember the holidays...what *did* I do? Happy 2015!

    1. Oh that's a great idea Teresa, even if I don't find car racing places, I can try auto parts stores.

      I know, the holidays are now a blur, the only thing that reminds me of them is the weight gain. ;)

  4. Happy New Year, Monica! Oh,don't worry, I would have been in bed also,if my mom hadn't been here. I really don't feel anything spectacular at midnight, when two years kissing each other goodbye (welcome) !
    I love your design and the white looks perfectly white to me. I bet I'd like the scent!

    1. Happy 2015 to you Maja! I hope you had a nice time with your mom and your family on NYE. I like your description of the two years kissing, that is really sweet.

      Thank you for the compliment, I'm liking this design more than some of my other ones, but hopefully I'll be inspired to do even more.