Monday, 18 May 2015

Silver Linings

Craft fairs are fun…if you're into that sort of thing. I had a craft fair this weekend, and unfortunately for everyone, turnout wasn't great. Could've been because it's a long weekend here, or the fact that the weather was so nice outside or a combination of these and a few other factors I haven't thought of.

Setting up
What I do like about craft fairs is that I get to spend time with a dear friend (I call her my sales manager since she does my sales pitches for me) and I get to meet some wonderful people. I like to think I was also there to provide some supplies for people (bull clips for Parisa and a display stand for Theresa).

Completed set up on day 1. 
Theresa of Edbility360. She makes her own fabulous shortbread and has really good coffee blends.

Parisa of Standout Boutique. Lovely person, beautiful jewellery.

(l to r) Cherelle, Bonnie and Debbie. These amazing ladies from Costco kept us hyped up on sugar (Lindt chocolates , Dad's cookies, coconut buns from Chinatown).

Thank you so much ladies, for all the goodies, smiles and great conversation. I hope we'll see each other again.


  1. I'm sorry the turnout was less than expected, but as you said, you got to meet many wonderful people. I think that's rewarding enough, and you also got to spend time with a dear friend. I hope your next craft fair will keep you very busy. :)

    1. Thanks Silvia. Yes, craft fairs can be such hit and misses, especially when they're new. It was definitely nice to spend time with a friend and meet new people.

  2. Your display looks great, Monica! Sorry to hear about the low turnout. I've been there before. It makes for a long day, and it's especially frustrating if you lose money after factoring in the booth fee and time. The good thing was that my mom would be my booth buddy at craft shows, so it was nice to spend the day with her. And it looks like you got to meet some lovely people. I hope your next craft show is a success!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Craft fairs at this time of year are hit and miss, and you're right, the loss of time and money is not the way I'd like to spend my weekend. Live and learn.

      That must be so nice to have your mom help you out, what a great mother/daughter venture.