Monday, 22 June 2015

Happy belated Father's Day!

Seems that's the way I celebrate almost everything, late. Good thing my family doesn't have high expectations of me.

I was inspired by Silvia's post for Father's Day to make blue soap. I used a Soapylove design of squares and two shades of blue to create a more masculine soap. I made 8 soaps in an 8 bar pan and not one of them turned out the way I wanted. Undaunted, I proceeded to make two more individual soaps and they still didn't turn out. Some days, you just need to back slowly away from the soaping table and wave the white flag. Which I did, until the following day.

This time, it turned out much better. Not completely square, but slightly off kilter, much like my personality. However, at least the embeds turned out and the blues are contrasted nicely by the brown.

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating with your dads/husbands/and whatever other men who are important in your life. Although it'll be a late gift, guess what my dad is getting for father's day? Yes, 8 bars of not so attractive soaps. :D But they smell amazing.

Not sure how it happened really, but obviously the white seeped in under the embed. But it smells fantastic, scented with Beau Brummel.


  1. I can just picture Dad: "Can I eat these? But I wanted cookies instead." ;P

    "back slowly away from the soaping table and wave the white flag"'re so funny!

    1. Hahaha! You know your father well Teresa. :D

      I'm usually at my funniest when I've screwed up the most. Funny (not) how that happens. :P

  2. You're really funny, Monica. :)

    Glad to hear my blue soaps inspired you to make the soaps your dad is getting, They look great, especially the first one.

    I tried MP soap for the very first time today, and I felt so inept! I was already warned that it's actually harder than it looks, and I totally agree! I did what you did - backed away and waved the white flag. It's amazing how you make it look so easy to do embeds and layers.

    1. Thanks Silvia, but not funny enough to give up my day job. :D

      Your soaps are always a great source of inspiration, if only to make me think I should try harder to make better looking soaps. (I only think about it, I don't get around to doing it).

      Good for you for trying MP soaps though! You are going to totally shine in both CP and MP soaps once you get them to see things your way. ;)

  3. They look good and your father will be content knowing that you made them with love for him, doesn't he?