Thursday, 12 November 2015

LoveIt. CraftIt

I'm hoping this will become an annual fair; LoveIt. CraftIt is a craft fair created by two local artisans. Unlike many of the craft fairs that will be cropping up, this one is actually only for crafters and artisans. It is a small fair, 25 vendors, which should give it a boutique feel.

I am very excited to be part of it and have been making soaps specifically for this fair. Here's a photo I put together for this event.

Included are the computer mouse soap, Mondrian popsicle, honey and oatmeal bars and coffee and goat's milk soaps.

Proceeds from the event will got to Sophie's Place, a local charity. Hopefully it will be a huge success. For anyone in the Greater Vancouver area, the fair is this Saturday at the Heritage Hall on Main Street. For more information, check out LoveIt.CraftIt.

Have you started attending craft fairs, or are you planning on participating in any this year?


  1. I'd go if I lived in town! :) hope it goes great!

    1. I wish you did live closer, we could have so much fun at craft shows together!