Friday, 11 November 2011

Customer Service

In reading up on how to be a successful business owner, it is always emphasized that you must treat your customers with respect, and respond in a timely manner. As I mentioned previously, I had trouble getting any sort of response from the local companies when I requested packaging estimates.

Today, after much searching, we found a company that can supply us with some of the packaging material we need. ULINE is based out of the States and when they say they'll respond as quickly as possible to any questions, they mean it. I sent them an email asking about some adhesives and 15 minutes later, I got an email back with an answer. I ordered the supplies I needed on-line, and they will ship on Monday to arrive by Tuesday. Amazing! This is what I really like about the States is their customer service; they are friendly and helpful. Oh and I came just short of the minimum order to receive a free Hall & Oates CD, darnitall.


  1. Coincidentally (NOT "ironically" people...gaaaah!!! I'm ok now...), I got a Uline catalog this week. I can't remember buying stuff from them, but maybe I did...not sure why they sent me a catalog. Good to know they're good though!

  2. Them sending you a catalog may be serendipitous, but certainly not ironic. They are a very good company to deal with, but I'll give you an update once I get my actual products. :)