Monday, 19 December 2011

Do you journal?

I've been reading a couple of books lately that says that to inspire creative ideas and help people find themselves, it's important to keep a journal. To me, that is the hardest thing to do, well next to doing math. In university, I took a lot of English courses, but only because like I said, math and science were not my forte and so English made for a good elective. Verbosity is not my strong suit, 2000 word essays were the bane of my existence. I could say what I wanted to say in 500 words or less, so I spent more time counting the number of words I'd written (do "a" and "the" count in an essay?) than actually trying to write the essay itself.

Which leads me to the title, do you journal? And if you do, do you do it on a daily basis? Has it helped you to unleash your creative juices?


  1. I should journal, but I don't. Check out my blogging buddy Suzanne's hubby's journal: Now that's creative! :)

  2. I have kept a journal my entire life. As a kid I would write in one almost daily. I didn't slow up until my first child was born. By that time I found that I'd rather sleep on my down time then write. Lol! I still keep a journal but days will pass me by now and when Igo to write in it I realize it has been weeks since the last time. I think journals are great for keeping a person sane. I used and use it as an emotional outlet. I am not so sure about the creative part, I've not used it for creative purposes but I've known others who have and some keep really creative journals with writings, art, doodles, etc...

  3. Teresa, your friend's husband's blog is so cute!

    Michelle, good for you! I think I tried keeping a diary for maybe 3 weeks tops and that was it. You give good reasons for keeping a journal, keeping sane is a good idea. One of the books also suggested creating different types of journals, not just books but 3-D ones.

  4. I keep "notes". For years I have written notes, thoughts, saying, "things not to forget" on pages in notebooks, etc. I wish I had the patience to keep a journal- that would be really nice.

    P.S. My grandgirlies received their soaps while I was away this past week. AND they are in love with them!!! Thank you so much!

  5. I'm sure you have the patience Carrie, you just have much more important things to do and you can come up with good ideas without the journal.

    I'm so glad your grand-girlies got the soaps safe and sound and are enjoying them. Thank you for supporting me.