Thursday, 1 December 2011

The next one cometh

Tomorrow is my second and last craft fair for this year. I'm hoping that I can sell more of the gift sets that hubby worked so hard to make. He'd come home after work and make the boxes, cutting them in the garage where it's cold, and then come inside to do the detail work like sanding down the corners of the boxes. He'd even considered at one point of making Saturns for the spaceship gift box out of the same material as the box. Fortunately, we found some space stickers and saved him time and aggravation (and me watching the air turn blue with his swearing).

I admire people who are involved in a ton of craft fairs at this time of year, it must be very tiring to be doing show after show after show. The rewards however must be huge as people do keep coming back and doing them year after year.

After this, I'll need to start working on my wholesale costs and listing out stores I want to approach with my soaps. Obviously I'm a little behind, I should've been hitting stores back a month or two ago, but I'm chalking this one up to experience and by next year I hope to be well ahead of the game rather than staying up all night for weeks prior.


  1. So impressive all the work both you and your husband do. The box I see certainly is special, as are the soaps!

    LOVE the red Gingerbread man! Who doesn't love gingerbread at this time of year?

    AND oh boy- craft fairs are so tiring- I only manage to do a couple a year. So much work, but so rewarding because of the people who you get to meet.

    Best of luck! Everything looks great!

  2. You really are too sweet Carrie. I think the boxes are what take the soaps to the next level since anyone can buy the molds and make the same soaps. As for the gingerbread men, apparently people at this show I was just at weren't as infatuated with them as I thought.

    You're right, craft fairs are incredibly tiring, but I think each one that I do, I learn a little something from them. For instance, I've learned from both shows that vendors are the nicest people.

  3. Um, what is that saw blade looking thingy behind the gingerbread boy?

    I'm bummed for you that this show wasn't as good; those people have no taste. :P

  4. LOL, that's a box that hubby made, upside down. Well live and learn and Michelle's left some great ideas in the next post. But yes, some people have no taste and others have it up their...