Friday, 6 April 2012

Fear of success?

Is there such a thing? Or is it more the fear of rejection? I haven't made any pitches of my soaps to any of the big places I want to approach yet because, my excuse is that I don't have the right software to create a pamphlet or sales pitch. This is true, but if I truly wanted to get my soaps out there, I'd get off my figurative duff and get what I need to get the job done, wouldn't I?

I think the truth of the matter is that I'm just lazy. I have a normal job right now and it's easier to go for a steady paycheque than to try and make something work, knowing you have to work hard and do things really well if you want to get paid. Once you get one contract, you have to go hit up the next, and the next. It's always about promoting yourself and making a presence in the world, something I'm not good at.

Anyone have any hints on how to kick oneself in the butt to get moving?


  1. Heck- I'm going to check back and see what someone else posts! I LOVE the sign- it just so darn true!!!

    I think it's exhausting- to beat the boards hunting down possible customers/wholesale accounts, etc...

    I try to post when I have some news, and hopeful someone will look and listen.

    Back to wholesale...I'm finding unless a shop, company, etc. can really purchase in the "well over hundred" figure monthly - it's really hard to say -that it is worth it. I have one wholesale account that purchase on the average 40 dollars a month AND wants to be exclusive- seriously.

    1. I love the sign too, it is so me, unfortunately. You know you have your loyal followers who'll drop in and see what you have to say, even if somewhat belatedly. :)

      Wow, that is one delusional wholesale account you have. I'm guessing you've told them exclusivity is not an option unless they increase their purchases by 10000%.

  2. I wish I had some words of wisdom but I am in the "fear of success" category. Maybe you could just tackle one thing at a time. Possibly you are just overwhelmed by the idea of it all so you avoid it? I'm like that when I look at the big picture. It helps to focus on one aspect. Maybe you can just focus on something like networking. Join free sites like the handmade network? Have you set yourself up on etsy or art fire? Are you making consistent posts on your Facebook group? Instead of doing trying to do all of those things you could do just one for a while until you feel comfortable and then move onto the next thing.

    Could you mail samples in to few places without having to go in? I use to work for an art dealer and they would get products mailed in all the time and quite often the buyer would accept a product for their stores.

    I have no "kick in the butt" strategy since I am quite lazy myself but I find the big killer of motivation is being bogged down by all the details.

    1. I think you're just humble in your successes. I do get overwhelmed, but you bring up some good points. The only time I post onto Facebook is when I do a blog post, otherwise, I have nothing to say about my soaps on Facebook. I've joined a couple of groups on Facebook, but besides liking everyone else's work, I've not had much to contribute. Like I said, my main problem is that I'm lazy.

      I think I'll go with your suggestion of mailing in products, it'll save me from having to do a sales pitch, something I wouldn't know how to do in the first place and I won't' have to be rejected to my face. ;)

  3. Oooh, I love that cartoon! It's sad but true.

    Well, I have nothing useful to add because Carrie and Michelle actually have the experience, but I'm here to cheer you on and root for your success. :)

    1. It's great when someone comes up with such a concise thought isn't it?

      I appreciate the cheering squad, it helps motivate me to keep on truckin'