Friday, 12 October 2012

Facing Fears

I'm a chicken born in the year of the monkey. So I guess that means I can scamper away pretty quick when I'm scared. Being human I try and just avoid situations that could frighten me - scary movies and crowded spaces for instance.

Last weekend, hubby and I went for a walk. We were down by Science World so I thought I'd stop in and see what they have in their gift shop to see if I had a chance with my soaps. I think I do since they carry dinosaur related stuff, so my dino soaps would be a nice complement I think. I got the business card of the manager of the gift shop so I can contact her later. Hubby chided me for not talking to the assistant manager who was there that day, but I didn't feel psychologically ready. Like I said, I'm not a brave soul.

On our way back from downtown, we stopped into a shop called ella and elliot. They carry the most beautiful things for babies and this time I screwed up my courage and asked about getting my soaps into their store. The young lady there was very nice and gave me their card and told me their criteria is to have very pure products. My soaps fit that bill, just in a more fun presentation.

I need to get my new website up and running before I approach these places officially, but this experience has given me the push I needed to approach more companies about carrying my soaps.

On a different note, Little Dreambug have their alphabet soaps and I can't wait to see Leanne's write up about them.


  1. Unless you're a thick-skinned extravert, it's very hard to make cold calls (phone or in-person) like that. I totally feel your fear. It's why I suck at conferences coz I can't approach editors. I get all tongue-tied and feel stupid.

    I hope you'll be ready to approach Science World soon because I believe in you! :)

    1. Our parents certainly didn't raise a couple of outgoing talkative daughters, did they? Just remember you're a super smart gal with lots to offer and I'll keep reminding you of that. And just like this biz, what's the worst the editors can say to you right?

      Thanks, as soon as I do approach them I'll let you know.

    2. Sometimes I feel pretty smart, but then I meet ppl (e.g. my SF group, and some new blogging buddies - who also are into SF...must be something about the genre!) who are just brilliant, and while I adore them, being with them makes me feel not up to par. YKWIM? ;}

      I don't mind sending stuff out for nameless/faceless editors to look at. I just can't seem to approach them in person.

      Love that packaging for the DinoSoaps, by the way! :)

    3. You are plenty smart and I'm sure your SF buddies feel the same around you. We're always our own hardest critics. I think you'd be better off approaching people F2F, you've got such a wonderful smile, people would have a hard time saying no to you.

      As you know, the packaging is courtesy of R.

    4. Well, R has to be good for a few things at least or you'd not keep him, eh? ;D

  2. Good for you! Approaching people was always very difficult for me too. Like T said, the tongue tied issue applies to me as well. Your soaps and packaging are always perfect, I can't imagine anyone saying no to you.

  3. Thanks Michelle. I think people would see past your shyness and see what a wonderful person you are. I hope you're right about people not being able to say no.

  4. Smarty pants sisters! Both of you Monica and Teresa !

    Ahhh cold calls- I've done it quite a bit, don't really love doing this, but sometimes the right person (like the owner) of the shop is in and is willing to listen. One thing I have found out by cold calls is that shops in many towns are very "territorial" about not carrying the same thing that's down the street, block, or sometimes town.

    Michelle- I bet you have a nice way with anyone you meet- I just know it.

    AND I have gotten very (VERY) tougue twisted on the phone. A magazine editor called to do an interview. After I thought, no I know, I must have sounded like an idiot- blah, blah, blah. I was so nervous I don't even remembered what I said. Good grief!!!!

  5. I wish I were as smart as Teresa, I'd have married a lot richer. ;D

    DId you do any cold calls by email or did you do them all in person? I think Vancouver's unique in that they have a lot of little consignment shops close to each other so they can't expect stores not to carry the same things. That would be nice if it happened for me.

    You do a fabulous job in your interviews I'm sure Carrie. And I would think that most non-reporters or politicians can't be expected to have a silver tongue every time they open their mouths. Besides, your products speak volumes just on their own.