Friday, 26 October 2012

Thanks Portland!

House in Laurelhurst, Portland.
Hubby and I decided to take a mini vacation and tie it into my soap buying binge. Since the Canadian government changed policies during the summer, we could each bring back $800 worth of goods after 48 hours away. Bonus! We decided to go to Portland because it's scenic and there's no sales tax.

I got to plan the trip, which is not my forte because I can't visualize to save my life, but I looked up some places I wanted to go and mapped it out on Google map. The weather cooperated as much as it could, considering this is the rainy west coast. It stopped long enough for us to be able to walk around without having to carry umbrellas.

I had marked some distilleries I wanted to try, and we ended up at Bull Run Distilling and Clear Creek Distillery. It's not that I'm a lush (too much) but Oregon is known for microwbreweries and distilleries. (Portland's actually probably more well known for its strip clubs, but that's another story).

Bull Run Distilling, obviously.

It was a nice surprise to find Bull Run makes really tasty vodka and even more amazing gin.

Tasting at Bull Run

Americans are great with customer service and making sure their clients are happy. Unlike many of the wineries here, the distilleries gave us taste tests and generous samples to boot. I'm already planning my next trip back there so I can buy more alcohol. It's called supporting small business right? ;)
Bottle from first batch of gin to come out of Bull Run. Ever

Liqueurs from Clear Creek. I can't wait to try these over some vanilla ice cream.
Our car in Chinatown

On the way back, I stopped in at Otion to pick up my order that I had placed, as well as pick up a few more things, because really, who can stop in and not be tempted. The gals there are great, so helpful, even helping take the two 50 lb boxes of soap out to the car.

Now that we're home, it's back to working on getting ready for Christmas fairs.

Next week, results from the new molds I purchased.


  1. I can't think of Portland now without thinking of Portlandia. Oy. Well, I also think of Grimm now too. :)

    The liqueur sounds tasty, though I still like my fruit wines and ice wines. Can't wait to see the new soaps!

    1. I know, I was thinking afterwards I should've done a search to see where they film Grimm and checked out those locations. Portlandia, is that like Finlandia? Oh wait, is my alcohol side showing again? ;)

      You'd love the liqueur. Hopefully we'll have some left over when you visit next so you can try them out.

    2. I don't even know what Finlandia is. :} Portlandia is a show (not sure which network it's on) that pokes fun at the city's New Agey ways. Sometimes it's hilarious; other times, it's downright creepy.

      No biggie on the liqueur. I'd rather have fruit wine. :)

    3. Some lush you'd make. ;) Finlandia's a vodka producer. I've never seen Portlandia, guess I'll have to google it.

      The fruit liqueur is much more intense fruit flavour than the fruit wines have been, which is why I like it.