Friday, 2 November 2012

New molds

When we went to Portland, we stopped in at Otion on the way back so I could pick up some more scents and molds. Besides the amazing smells of Pomegranate and Black Currant, and Fresh Snow, I also picked up Exotic Fruit Smoothie. Don't those fragrances sound amazing?

As always, the first time I make something, it's not quite right.
This is supposed to be old fashioned looking but it's a little dull .
So I tried to brighten it up
Much better!
The bears suffered the same fate, but even more so.

Second try resulted in these:
The blue background is still a little bright, so next set it'll be toned down.
But I thought together, these would make a nice little stocking stuffer.

I used my existing molds to make some new maple leaf soaps

Also managed to finish off a customer's order, 52 of these cute piggies

And for those of you who like Twitter


  1. I like your stocking stuffer idea!

    That bird is too adorable and I love the little pig. I still think you should enter your bird into a soap making contest :-)

    1. Thanks Michelle. I'm hoping that when people go to the craft fair, they'll have stocking stuffers in their heads and will buy lots. The pig is adorable isn't it? Our car smelled so nice while I had the pig soaps in there. Well if there's ever a contest I'll think about entering.

  2. Could you bring along a Christmas stocking and stuff it full of soaps to give customers the idea?

    1. You are just too smart! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. I actually liked the old fashioned blocks one better than the bright colored one. :)

    Love GG's soap, and the Twitter bird one! The Canadian flag one needs to be a bit more red though.

    Great stocking stuffer idea...both yours and Michelle's!

  4. I think I need to make both types of blocks because you never know who likes what right? Hopefully I'll get a better feel from this show of what majority wants.

    GG's soap is great and she was very happy with it. I don't know how to get a really good red without it bleeding. Ideas?

    Michelle's idea is great, I'm going to have to go find me some stockings now.

    1. BB makes a non-bleeding red. Have you eve used that?

      As for stockings, I think craft stores carry pre made ones that ppl buy to decorate on their own. One of the playgroup moms did that one year, putting the names of the kids in the group in glitter paint on them. They're pretty small, but I would think you can get some larger ones, whatever size you want.

      Don't know if you have time, but if you can't find the stockings, you can also buy felt to sew your own coz that's pretty easy.

    2. You gave me your non-bleeding red, but I didn't think it was red enough. Maybe I just need to add more?

      I'm sure I can find some already made stockings for those of us who're lazy. :)

  5. Huh...I thought BB had said that their non-bleeding red was both very red and also doesn't leak into the other parts of the soaps? Hmmm.

  6. Like I said, maybe I just need to add more colour into it and try again. After the house elves clean up my workspace. :P