Saturday, 18 May 2013

What I did on my summer, I mean spring vacation

Three and a half weeks, come and gone just like that! So what did I do while I was away? Well I ate lots of good food.
complimentary appetizer at the Japanese restaurant

chicken and fried egg donburi

lamb kebab with rice and spinach

If you want to see the yummy homemade meals I had at my sister's, check her what's for dinner blog.

Also met some lovely people at the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana that my sister attended. If there's one thing I find with any specialization, is that the people in that community are so friendly and supportive of one another.

A good part of my visit was spent completing this craft project. 
Felt gingerbread house front

Back view

The trip ended too quickly, unfortunately, but my sister gave me some more of the fragrances she no longer uses. Score!
Lots and lots of fragrances!


  1. Now get back to soaping! Hahahaha!

    It was great having you here to hang out; I'm just sorry that I was so much more distracted and busy this time than I've ever been before. Hopefully, I won't be so swamped on your next visit.

    The food is always good, isn't it?

    1. I'm trying, I'm trying. Actually I need to work on some proposal letters rather than soaping, get rid of some of my excess inventory.

      You weren't distracted, you were doing great works of writing. And I was well fed and that's all that matters. :D

  2. I can see why you didn't come back for 3.5 weeks, you were busy! The food looks divine, and that gingerbread house is soooo super cute! Glad you had a great time, welcome back! :)

    1. Thank you Cee, it's nice to be back. You're right, I was busy...gaining weight. :D I had some great meals there, that's for sure.

      The gingerbread house is cute, but I think the trees look drunk.

  3. Fun! I can't believe you were there for 3.5 weeks. Where does the time go??? Love your craft project. Did you leave it behind or take it with you? You find the best foods! I need to hang out with you on vacation :D Time to get soaping with all of those great fragrances!

    1. Tell me about it Michelle! I have no idea where they time went, the trip now seems like a distant memory, although the weight I gained there has stuck around as a reminder. ;)

      All the craft projects are there to keep me busy while I'm visiting and Teresa gets to keep the finished products.

      You do need to come and visit T when I'm there, we could get into so much trouble, I mean fun together. ;)

      I do need to get soaping again, or at least start mixing some fragrances and come up with some new scents.