Monday, 8 September 2014

Slow Transition

It's getting cooler in the mornings now, the sun isn't up as early, so I'm having a harder time getting up in the mornings. That said, the days are still nice and sunny, so I'm still able to wear shorts to work. What does that have to do with the soap I've made for this week? Absolutely nothing, but you know me, I tend to ramble.

I'm calling this one Fall on the Beach. Once again, I had a brain fart while making this and in my infinite wisdom, used the low sweat MP for the clear layer. This of course, made for a more cloudy appearance than I had originally wanted, but it does make for a more fall like appearance. Scented with Morning Rain FO.

I figure lots of starfish lose a limb, why not this one.

But you can see from the profile that I did have good intentions to make a sand and sky line.

As an added bonus, here's one I was going to call Rocky Road Bar. I think I should've cut the embeds up smaller, or put it into a bigger soap because right now, it looks more like the Horta.

Have a great week!


  1. LOL! You are so funny! re: starfish and lost limb.

    I don't think that soap looks cloudy, I was just about to ask you how you got it to be so clear. I like that you can see the starfish in there, very cool! Can I eat the rocky road bar? It makes me want ice cream. lol!

    I am so not ready for winter. Fall I can love but knowing winter is not far behind makes me shiver. I wish we were still wearing shorts here but nope. Today is cloudy, raining and I have the heat on :(

    1. I'm glad you enjoy my warped sense of humour Michelle, at least most starfish lose a limb for a good reason, I lose things and have no clue what happened.

      I think it looks clear because the embeds aren't all the way in, if they were covered fully, you'd be like, well I think there's a starfish in there somewhere. ;)

      Anytime's a good time for ice cream, even in the winter. I know what you mean, I love fall weather too and we had a few days of cool, rainy weather, but I refused to turn up the heat because gosh darn it, being delusional is more fun.

  2. Something ate my first comment. Ugh.

    I was saying that maybe you should rename the top soap to "Autumn on the Beach" because "Fall on the Beach" makes it sound like you tripped and fell. LOL!

    And horta...hahahaha! Wonder how many people will get the reference? "Rocky Road Bar" can be renamed "Devil in the Dark"! ;)

    1. Darn internet gremlins, so frustrating when they take your comments and toss it into that big black hole, isn't it Teresa?

      Well you know me well enough that falling on the beach is definitely something that could happen to me.

      I deliberately put the link to the horta because I figured not everyone's a trekker like you. :)

  3. You're so fun, I love reading your posts. And what was the first link about the sweat. I mean how miraculously did it find its place here?
    So, what happened to the star's limb?
    It really resembles fall, or even winter on the beach, with the frosty look of the base! Oh yeah, the limb fell of due to coldness!

    1. And you are so sweet Maja and always have great ideas and make me laugh as well. You'd think with all the "water" it sweating would be a natural thing for the soap.

      Hahaha! Yes, we'll blame it on cold weather, and not the gulls that are eating everything in sight including a starfish's limb here and there. ;)

  4. Horta, LOL. Nice soaps, Monica! I really like the glittery starfish - its limb will grow back. :)

    1. I guess you know your Star Trek Jenny? ;) Thanks, hope the starfish can grow another limb, but boy is it taking its sweet ol' time. ;>