Monday, 17 August 2015

Looking for balance

Not in my life, I mean who doesn't love chaos in their lives? :P No, I thought I'd try and make a stylized yin yang style soap, but still allowed me artistic license. (Okay just a warning, this is a long post, so grab your beverage of choice, I'd suggest something alcoholic this time, and sit back).

It took me four tries to get to this one, but like anything else, practice makes perfect, or at least let's one try and get things into 3D what is in one's head.

Attempt #1
I had poured the two circular moulds and cut them in half. Unfortunately, it didn't cut evenly and so the sides didn't fit together well.

If I could've left the dots of colour as they were, it'd have been cool.
Can't tell from this photo, but those are fuchsia and blue colour drops.
But the moment you add melted soap, the whole thing disperses
Hubby liked this one the most but since it wasn't what I was going for, I didn't like it.
which is nice, but not the look I was going for.

I could've sworn I cleaned the moulds!

Attempt #2
Using the other half of the circles to again create the base (and again, who didn't clean that mould?)

This time, I created the little "dots", but because I didn't have a small enough mould or cutout, I used squares instead. And because I'm going off on a tangent, I did them in other colours.

Clear layer is obviously not that clear, but it was good for experimenting.

Attempt #3
Didn't even make it out of the mould, so no picture.

Attempt #4

It finally worked, more or less. This time, I filled the mould completely with one colour, let it set, then cut it in half. I put it back in the mould and poured in the second colour. This also made it easier to ensure the two sides were filled to the same height. Meanwhile, I made the dots using my contact lens holders. Once the main part was firm enough, I put the dots in and filled it to the top with clear.

You all seem to make amazingly beautiful soaps. How do you manage not to have a gazillion failed attempts? If you have failed once or twice (because I like to think you have to make me feel better) how many re-attempts have you made to get what you want?

Have a great week!


  1. Great look behind the soap scenes. Love these

    1. Thanks Catherine! Showing all the mistakes felt almost like those gals who youtube themselves without makeup, kinda cathartic. ;)

  2. Great look behind the soap scenes. Love these

  3. I have been messing up CP soaps as you know. Luckily I've not had to rebatch yet.

    1. Well I know you've missed putting in scents, but everything else about your soaps appear fabulous.

  4. Well, your persistence paid off, it looks great, like some decoration,not a soap.
    I don't do re-makes or do only once. If I still don't like how it turned out, I just let it go, forget it and sometimes get back to it later. There are so many different things to try and do ,so I choose not to get stuck with one. But use, you're right, we say here that repeating is mother of knowledge!
    I think your trying worthwhile, because you came up with so clever technique that worked perfectly. Smart girl!

    1. Thank you Maja! The only problem with decorative soap is people don't want to use them. :D

      I find my problem is often that I don't want to repeat things either, but doing so would allow one to improve on a technique. And I know you don't necessarily re-do but you improve or re-imagine some of your styles which is really cool.

      It worked this time because all the stars were aligned and the soap gremlins were out bothering someone else. ;)

  5. Your soaps look great! Thank you for sharing all your creative trials with us. We all have days like this, and sometimes it takes many attempts before I get the result I was going for. But all the trials are so worth it in the end! = )

    1. Thank you Anne-Marie. I always thought you only made mistakes on purpose, to show those of us who're still learning what not to do. ;)

  6. Hello Monica, You went for something real hard, with plenty of cutting and adding-on. The red color in your last batch is lovely, I had a good laugh at your creativity for new moulds (contact lenses cases, lol!). Those who never try anything new never fail... Also, as you wrote, a failure is relative to what you had on your mind... I do have plenty of failures, and all my trials at inclusions are systematic failures... And my re-batching attempts are failures too! I have hope ;-)

    1. Thank you Madame Propre! It's certainly fun to try and stretch your imagination isn't it? Like all you soapers, I look at everything as how it can be used in soaping now.

      Your soaps always look so beautiful, it's hard to imagine you with any real bad failures.

  7. This is one of the best funny related soap I have ever read, Monica!
    The bad failure, we don't show or show them less, so we all make them, don't worry! But i was told at school that the repetition is the mother of knowledge. Not so easy in practice though :).
    But your soaps still look nice, i think you are too demanding!

    1. That's very sweet of you to say Nat, and thank you for indulging me in my craziness.

      I think repetition can be a good thing, unless you have a very short attention span like a goldfish (and me) in which case, it seems lessons are never learned.

      The good thing about things like soap is no one can say it wasn't meant to look like what it's become. :)