Sunday, 6 March 2016

It's bath time for Fido!

 Spring time: to me, spring is around the corner when I see cherry blossoms. Although it's only mid-March, we've got tons of cherry blossoms in bloom here. If I had a dog, I'd take it as a sign that it's that time of year when Lassie gets her first bath of the year because it'd have been too cold during winter to subject her to one.

I made these using a clear base, and put in tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties, cedarwood as a flea repellant and lavender because it'll make poochy smell nice and is also a flea repellant.

I tried 3 different mould styles and while I like the dog house look, the bones came out the best.

I held a cookie cutter firmly in a pan while I poured the soap in. It held pretty well!

My embedding didn't work out so well this time.

Do you have certain things you do when you see the first signs of spring? Have a great week!


  1. I lay off the cookies knowing I'll have to wear shorts and t-shirts soon? ;)

    I really like the dog bones! They're adorable!

    1. Hahaha Teresa! I just go for looser t-shirts and longer shorts. :D

      The dog bones were a necessity since the big mould wouldn't fit inside of any of the other moulds, but I like the smaller one better, I think because it held it's shape better.

  2. I think of losing some weight and eating less but don't really manage to do that ;)
    The bones are interesting, but the dog house is so cute!

    1. Oh Nat, you eat so healthy already and seeing your food posts, I know I wouldn't be able to cut down on any of that yummy food.

      The dog house mould is super cute, isn't it? I think it's a great way to encourage dogs to wash. ;)

  3. Cute dog bone soaps! Great item to have on hand for the pooch. I like that you added the essential oils to keep the fleas at bay and make them smell good. I'd love my doggies smelling like lavender.

  4. You prepared those bones, yet you do not have a dog? Is it for your husband? 😋🤗😸 I think embeds are difficult to look good. You need a lot of precision...
    Spring is time to plant the herb garden...