Monday, 10 October 2011

A different take on a visit to the optometrist

Is there such thing as the perfect soap for everyone? I don't think so. It's like going for an eye exam, which one works better for you, picture A or picture B? Personally it gets to the point where both diagrams they show look exactly the same to me, and it feels like I'm supposed to guess the right answer.

Just like at the optometrist, there's no right or wrong answer here either, just which is your preference?
Monkey see, Monkey Do
(I know which one Michelle prefers)

You can't hide, your lion eyes 

No contest with this one.


  1. I prefer LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT--- did I pass the eye exam? :) CUTE!

  2. Dark Monkey Mouth
    Solid coloured lion
    Light coloured fish

  3. Monkey: I think the left one is more vivid and therefore more kid-friendly, but I like the more natural look of the one on the right.

    Lion: I like the paws on the one on the left, but prefer the solidity of the one on the right.

    Fish: I like the eyes of the one on the left (less buggy-creepy), but prefer the color of the spots and fins of the one on the right.

    I never make it easy for you, do I?

  4. I think you have 20/20 vision, Willow. :) Thank you for your input, it's always good to know what others think.

  5. Thanks Rob. Succint, I like that. :)

  6. Thanks for the feedback Teresa, I'm surprised we're not in complete agreement like we usually are. I actually prefer the fish with the bright blue fins, I thought the other one was a bit washed out, but good to know that you & Rob think otherwise. Onwards!

  7. Teresa just loves making the choice more difficult. Lol!

    I like the lion on the right.
    I like the fish on the right. Teal+white+fish=ocean & relaxation which turns into long walks on the beach. I am luvin that fish :) See how many crazy mind works. Lol!

  8. Try living with her for 20 years Michelle. ;) Just kidding, she's the best sis a gal could ever ask for.

    I like your reasoning on the fish, it makes so much sense. I should make one more in yet a different colour just to see what sort of reaction that gets. :D