Saturday, 22 October 2011

To Infinity, or at least to the craft shows

Instead of trying to stick with a few products for the trade show, I decided to try out even more molds, just because I like to challenge myself. That or I'm too ADD to stick with any one thing, you pick.

This time, it was the spaceship and alien craft. I had put off trying it because I wasn't sure how to make it really interesting. I could've just followed Soapylove's directions, but I don't have any superclear soap, so I didn't want to put the little alien guy in just yet. So instead, I thought I'd make the spaceship first and try playing with colours.

My first attempt at the spaceship. The red and blue look nice, but the green sparkle didn't make the body pop like I wanted.

So, to make the body more bright and showy, I decided to make it out of goat's milk soap instead. I knew the labcolour red would bleed into the body, so I used the non-bleeding red instead.
The non-bleeding red turned pink, not quite the colours of NASA.

Hubby said the spaceship should be more metallic in colour, so I added some grey and sparkle to the body and came up with this

Hard to tell from the picture, but believe me, the spaceship is more grey in colour.


  1. I can see the grey. The spaceship looks great! I can see some little boys having fun with that soap. Good luck with the craft show!

  2. I really like the first one: sparkly and translucent. I like the others too, but prefer the red to white fins. What scent did you make them?

  3. Michelle, you can see the grey because you've got young eyes still. I hope that some little boys or some boys that are young at heart will enjoy them.

    I'm glad you like the translucent one Teresa, I thought it seemed kinda old fashioned, cheesy sci-fi show from the 60's look. I was going to do red fins, but forgot. :P I made it pineapple cilantro, what do you think?

  4. I don't know what pineapple cilantro smells like...but I think as long as the scent is not floral and has enough fruitiness in it, it should be ok. You know, a scent that will appeal to younger boys.

    As for the cheesy factor, I think the retro look will appeal to grown men as well (and the smart women who also like Sci Fi...LOL!).

  5. It's very pineapple-y to me, but I'm not a young boy so my olfactory sense may not be the same.

    I hope lots of smart women buy the spaceship, I'd like to see smart women.