Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I was going to post about the boxes that hubby's been making for me to package my soaps, but I haven't taken a picture of it yet. It has to be done during the daytime to really show how good it looks with light shining through. So instead, here's another thing I'm making for the craft show: crayons. I love the fact that I can pour one colour and then let it do its thing. I did give them all different scents, yellow with pineapple cilantro, purple with moonlight pomegranate which has the scent of cassis, and so on. And since the mold comes has 5 molds in it, I end up with 5 sets pretty quickly. The crayon soaps do still need a paper wrap around them like crayons usually do, but that should come together pretty quickly. We (the royal we of course) are going to make a Crayola type box to hold these crayons.


  1. Now how did I miss this post? Nice! Looks good and wasn't too complex...well, the wrapping might be a bit complex. Have you given much thought to the design of the wrapper?

  2. You missed this post because you're a busy gal. I may skip the wrapper because we're going to make a box for it, plus time's running short unless I recruit everyone I know to help out.