Tuesday, 11 October 2011

If you want something done, do it yourself

In keeping with proper practices, I had contacted 3 different packaging companies for quotes on packaging. Two contacted me, one even came to my house to talk about the specifics of what I wanted. After a follow up email immediately after the visit, saying he'd be in touch soon, nothing. Nada, Nil. Zilch. Same with the second company that returned my call, took down the specifics then said they'd be in contact soon. Again, haven't heard a thing. Is there a rash of alien abductions of packaging salesmen that the news isn't telling us about, kind of like the Wall Street occupation when it first started?

So, today, hubby took me down to an art store where we looked at all our options on how to build our own boxes. We finally decided to try using foam core board to make the basic box and then using mat board as a lid. Pictures to come.


  1. OMFSM, you found them out! Aliens ARE abducting packaging sales people! Now you're in danger! LOL!

    Oh, if you ever want to make cupcake soaps, I have a cardboard box from a local bakery that you can use for your template. :)

  2. Aha, I knew it! Well if the aliens are abducting people, wonder if we can give them a list of others to take. ;)

    Brilliant idea about the template, I should use the bakery box I bought as a template. Thanks Teresa!