Monday, 3 October 2011

Not everyday's about making soaps

Today was a productive day, not in the soapmaking sense, but in the I have clean laundry and clean floor sense. My microwave oven finally bit the dust after 19 years of service. Pretty darned good if you ask me.

Since I didn't have a microwave to melt soaps, I had time to start other parts of the soaping business I need to do, like make sure my inventory is correct and start writing down more details about what materials I put into each soap.

I did have one more critter soap completed, and here he is.
Pretty cute huh?


  1. Wow...did the microwave come with hubby pre-marriage? Time to shop for a spiffy new thing!

    Your monkey soap is FABULOUS!!! You did a superb job of the colors and details! :)

  2. Yes, the microwave was purchased when his suite was mostly completed so he'd have something to "cook" with. We did shop for a really skookum microwave, it could cook food for an army in this new thing we're getting.

    Thank you! I think he's pretty cute, the colour turned out more true to what I wanted, as opposed to the other critters I made.