Thursday, 29 September 2011


The weather was nice today, so I had to get out and enjoy it before it turns cold and wet again. That meant however, that soapmaking was not part of today’s plans, well not completely anyway. I had tried out some molds I hadn’t tried previously, so today was the day to unmold them. I’m going to have keep working on the colours, they’re not as brilliant as I’d like. Although I normally hate it when my molds don’t come out, I’m actually glad the dog came out missing his nose. I can now try and re-colour him. This is what I have so far.

I melted the pink highlights when I poured in the yellow body. So much for my thinking I could tell the temperature of the soap without the use of a thermometer.

I'm going to have to fill in his ears and maybe highlight his whiskers and mane.
I'm going to make the cat a different colour, maybe more brown, what do you think?
I think he's turned out the best. I used Anne-Marie's technique in making seashells on this frog. I poured a thin layer of green soap, then scraped off some of it and added a thin layer of black before filling up the rest of the mold with green. He's rather cute, isn't he?


  1. He is too darned cute! That is a great way to re-invent the bivalves coloration idea, you smart thing. =)

  2. Thanks! The black doesn't show up all that well, but I'm hoping that next incarnation of the frog, I'll make the green lighter and scrape off more of the soap so that the black shows through.

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