Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dammit Google, I'm a new business owner, not a doctor

I admit, I’m a PC user for a reason, and that is, I like things simple and spelled out for me. When I signed up with my domain host, it came with a $77 Google Adwords credit. After completing my website, it seemed like time to put my credit to good use, right?

Holy Hannah, I need a universal translator to figure out how to fill in the blanks. Cost per click versus cost per thousand impressions? What? My eyes glazed over just trying to read their help pages, and that’s supposed to be help. To me, help would be someone coming over and clicking on the right buttons for me. Maybe when I’m super rich, I can hire people to do that sort of thing.


  1. Oh man...sorry to hear that. Got someone who can help you read it over? ND? Paul? I'm, unfortunately, no help on this matter. We'd have a contest to see whose eyes glazed over first. ;P

  2. I went ahead and just used the credit. I think it's probably all used up now, and even though I got some views (I guess) no buyers.