Saturday, 3 September 2011

Like a kid in a (soaping) candy store

I needed to get some water soluble paper, so we decided to get up early and head across the border to Otion today. Big mistake. Did I mention that it's the Labour Day long weekend? Yeah, mental headslap for not thinking about it sooner. Actually I sort of knew, but figured, hey it's the weekend, people will sleep in and then head down right? Wrong. 1 to 1.5 hour wait at the borders, so we went to the furthest one we could without heading to the next province, and it was still a 40-50 minute wait there.

We did manage to get over the border without any hassles at least and enjoyed the nice weather heading down.  We went as far as Tulalip Outlet Malls thinking we might as well do some shopping while we were there. There was not a parking spot to be had! You'd think it was an Armageddon sale or something or the stores were giving away Coach handbags for free. That was fine, we didn't need to spend money on things we weren't planning on purchasing anyway, so we headed back north, back to Bellingham.

I love going to Otion, it's got tons of nice smelling scents and although I had my list of things I needed, it didn't mean I couldn't be tempted into buying other things. I managed to keep semi to my shopping list, which included the Beau Brummel, Sandalwood and Energy fragrance oils and some mica, but hubby also persuaded me to buy 4 new molds (there's only 3 in the picture because I already started the soaps in the fourth mold). I can't wait to try them all out. It really is like being a kid in a candy store, minus the empty calories and cavities at the end.


  1. Pretty molds! I wanna go to Otion one of these days too....but probably not during a long weekend, heh!

  2. You're smarter than the average bear BooBoo. If you go cross border on a long weekend, have to go first first thing or wait til late afternoon. We can go to Otion during one of your next trips out here, ok?

  3. I am sooooooo jealous. I wish I lived close to Otion.

    It is like a ghost town around here today but I imagine the malls are pretty insane with all the back to school shopping. You are brave to go out and be among the crowds today.

    Great molds! I am excited to see the soaps you create with your new purchase.

  4. Michelle, I wish I lived even closer to Otion than I do, Bellingham is such a pretty town.

    I think I prefer a ghost town than the madness at the shopping malls, we did avoid people as much as possible, and thankfully for us, Otion wasn't a shopping mecca. ;)

    Thank you, I've managed to make a couple of the soaps, but I have to figure out all the colours and scents for the rest. It's tough having so many choices.