Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Company's coming

Actually they've come and gone by the time I get this post completed.

We had people over on Saturday, it's a good excuse to try out new recipes and ensure the house is clean. The above pictures are the two bouquet of flowers people brought in lieu of having to bring food. They ended up in the same vase because I'm not a big fan of cut flowers, so I don't keep vases around.

I also got this birthday card. We hang out with weird people because we're birds of a feather.


  1. I love cut flowers...I just don't like having to buy them, nor the pesticides that are on the conventional stuff, nor the shipping of them from South America. If I do ever get them, I'd get them from the farmers market. :)

    Cute card...love it!

  2. I just think cut flowers are a waste of money, although I love to see them in a flower market. Or if I had a garden like yours where I could cut my own flowers, that'd be a different story.