Thursday, 8 September 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

I'm impatient, I expect to get everything done right the first time. I think I get that trait from my nephew. ;) One of the new molds I had purchased was a wedding cake mold and decided it'd look nice if I coloured the roses and left the cake part white.

Well, the roses were waaaay more difficult to colour in than any of the other molds I've attempted. I thought I could spoon the coloured soap, but because the roses are small and delicate, I ended up having to scrape it all out and start over with the injector. Also, because the roses go up the sides of the mold, it meant having to tilt the mold while trying to inject just enough soap into the roses to give it colour, but not to overflowing to the other parts of the mold. In the end, I managed to colour it all, and it looked alright, except for the rose right on the very bottom of the mold, the one that should've been easiest to fill in. That one didn't stick to the rest of the cake mold.

You'll have to excuse me now while I go stick my face into a pillow and scream.


  1. You have waaaay more patience that I do! I hope it gets easier to color the roses next time.

  2. I'm afraid it's not patience Michelle, it's insanity. Now that I've done it once, I know a little better how to make it easier on myself. By my 10,000th wedding cake, I should be an expert. ;>

  3. Details are a total pain...but it does elevate the soap from soap to art!

  4. Yes, that is why I have to do the little details in the soaps, and it supposedly gets easier with practice right?