Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Who Needs a Fairy Godmother

when I have a sister as wonderful as mine? Anyone who knows her, knows what an incredibly sweet person she is. Not only did she send me this wonderful birthday gift and card, all handmade of course because that's the sort of talented person she is, she also sent me a pack of 50 droppers. Which means now I don't have to spill my scents and colours all over the place and I can actually measure out my ingredients which is such a bonus.


  1. Good gravy, honey...that card looks like used toilet paper! You should tell the story of why it's a set of 3 earrings. ;) And you're welcome! Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta use my fairy god mother wand to beat my kids...

  2. I think the card has a very homemade paper look to it, thank you very much. I'm not sure if the third earring is a match for the one I lost, or so I have a spare for the current pair you gave me. ;)

    You could just use your wand to turn your kids into pumpkins or mice, can't you?

  3. Happy Birthday! You have an awesome sister! Handmade gifts are the best!

    Teresa, would you like to loan me that wand when you are done... I could use it about now!

  4. Thanks Michelle! My birthday's a few weeks away, but I needed the droppers, so Teresa sent everything at once. She is totally awesome.

    Maybe Teresa should put her wand on loan, like a library book.

  5. I thought you should have 3 for if/when you lose one of a pair again...plus you can switch it up for a new look whenever you want!

    I don't want to turn the kids into mice; I just want to smack them!

    Michelle you can totally borrow my wand...LOL!

  6. I won't lose these earring Teresa, I promise. And that's right, I can change up my looks as I see fit now.

    Maybe you should turn your kids into gerbils and make them run the wheel and generate electricity for you

  7. Or I can get them to rig up the treadmill and have them generate more energy than gerbils would. ;)